torque 2000

Alpine Torque 2000 is most complete elector therapy unit for body core i.e. for weight loss as well as inches loss. This uses an amplitude modulated high frequency, to produce o low frequency current effect, at the selective body area. This fluctuating frequency pulse causes muscular contraction and relaxation at the applied points, resulting in the burning of the stored lot, toning and shaping of the muscles and breaking up of the stored adipose tissue. Torque 2000 accessories include 12 cables with two electrodes each cable through which you can connect upto 24 pods/plates, to be applied for total or local treatment. Extreme safety features have been incorporated in the design of the machine to ensure absolute safety and ease of use. It has electronic systems which independently regulate the power supplied to each individual channel. The working frequency is controllable and the duration of the treatment is monitored through an electronic timer.


  • Size: 540 * 275 * 180 mm
  • power: 220/230 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Application Time: 0-99 Min
  • Consumption: 35W
  • Output Lead: 12 Nos



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