TC 2000

Alpine TC-2000 Combo is a basic appliance that combines all the basic applications for reduction of stored fat and for toning the muscles. It is multi purpose elector therapy excellence, which is the most complete, versatile unit for cosmetic body treatment including obesity, cellulite referring, body circulatory disorders and fatty deposits. The most important body treatment techniques combined with faradic wove, is also emitted which tones the muscles system. The diversity of techniques like common frequency controls for all outlets and individuals intensify controls allows to give perfect type of treatment.

Specification :

  • Size 410 * 280 *110 mm
  • Input:
  • Power Supply
  • 230 VAC
  • 50-60Hz
  • Output:
  • Application Time 0-99 min
  • Consumption 36 W
  • Output Leads 12 Nos
  • Output Pad 24 Nos



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