Why does a person gain weight?
Usually, in the human body, over weight is caused by excessive accumulation of fat. This generally happens when the intake of high calorie diet is not accompanied by a corresponding amount of metabolic activity to burn the stored energy. Fat is deposited in the body in the form in the form of triglycerides, and the only way to lose fat is to break these triglycerides into glycerol and free acids, which can be subsequently burnt up.

How do the AFE sliming machines help in weight and inch loss?
The human brain, through the neuro system, controls the muscular system in our body by sending electro-chemical signals to the muscles, which is turn respond by contracting and relaxing. This action of contraction and relaxation requires energy, which is released by the stored forms of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Of these, fats have twice as much energy as carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore the body has to perform double the amount of metabolic activity to burn fat, as compared to a similar amount of carbohydrates of proteins. The AFEstimulators imitate exactly the signals that the muscles receive from the brain. When electrodes are placed over a specific parts of the body, they send electronic pulses which cause the muscles to contract and relax, without any conscious effect on your part. In the process energy is burnt from the fats which are deposited in or around the muscles. The pace of this passive exercise is totally controllable and many times than the voluntary physical exercise.

How safe is this procdure?
The micro processors based design of the stimulators is a technological break through. It sends out electronic pulses to the selected muscles of muscles or muscles group, causing them to relax and contract. It is absolutely safe and harmless. However pregnant women and heart patients, especially those using pace makers and other critical electronic life support system control devices, are advised against them. People suffering from other serious ailments should use the stimulators after consulting their doctor.

How long does it take to lose eight?
It varies from person to person. Some may loose 4 to 6 kgs a month with a half an hour daily sitting and some may take a little longer time. It all depends on an individual’s metabolic system.

What is a slimming Centre?
As the name suggests it is a place where overweight people would come to loose weight. Unlike in a gym the customer doesn’t have to go through the torture of rigorous physical exercises, diets or hunger suppressing drugs. At the AFE equipped Slimming Center the customer has to come in for a few minutes, at the appointed time, lie down on a bed, relax a book, watch TV or listen to some music, while our machines reduce his or her weight. The customer will not feel tired, weak or exhausted during or after the treatment. Once the sitting is over they can go back to their schedules without any need to get refreshed.

How much space do we require?
In addition to the reception, for the actual slimming treatment the minimum area for a room should be 6″ x 8″, furnished with a bed, a trolley to keep the equipment, a stool or a chair.We also recommend that you have toilet facilities. There can be a good opportunity for those running a beauty parlour and can spare the space. You can increase your income many times over by setting up one or two units.
How much man power do we require?
Each attendant can look after 15-20 customers in an 8 hour shift, assuming he or she is in charge of handling one 12 station model or two sets of smaller machines, which can be used on two persons simultaneously.

What about the training?
Complite theoretical and practical training would be imparted to your representative at our office or at your location, as per the mutually agreed terms.

What about installation?
The installation procedure of the machines is very simple (plug & play), which would be shown to you during the 3 day training period. If you still require any further assistance, our representative would come and install the machines and train your clinic, for a nominal additional charge.

What kind of service can we expect?
We provide one year’s warranty against any manufacturing defect. In case of a malfunction we will service or replace the machine after verifying the cause and nature of defect.
On what basis do we charge the customer?
You could charge the customer on a monthly basis or per sitting wise or even on the basis of per kg weight loss. The fee would differ from area. In Delhi the charge on monthly basis vary from Rs.2500 to Rs.4000 per month. On per sitting basis they from Rs.150 to Rs.300 and on per kg basis charges vary from Rs.500 to Rs.1500.