Body Composition Analyses IS an ideal medical device to determine the Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat Weight, Leon Body Weight, Basal Metabolic Rote, Total Body Water and the Bio Resistance. The BCA has o unique feature of having memones for tests. It provides the body moss index and also sets the targets to be achieved by an individual for a normal body. It checks the effectiveness of the weight loss programs by telling you what exactly are the results of the weight loss programs. It can also alert you about the muscle loss due to inactivity. illness end the aging process. It can easily read the fluctuation of body composition.

Data of the bio resistance, gender, age, height and weight are the mom n factor which determine the body composition of an individual. Dabs of gender, age, height and weight are entered into the body composition analyses! Body condensation analysis pads are placed across the body, through which low level currents are passed to measured the body’s bto resistance.



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